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Days of Our Lives 'Specials'

On this page is a list of other things I have have available for trading which are related to Days of our Lives and its cast. At the moment it is mostly interviews, but I do have several award shows which I will be adding shortly.

Soap Talk, Soapography, One Day With and Extreme Fan are all shows from the cable channel SOAPnet. Soap Talk is a chat show hosted by Lisa Rinna (who used to play Bille Reed on DOOL) and Ty Treadway. Soapography features interviews with actors as it looks at their biography. In One Day With, Wally Kurth (who used to play Justin Kiriakis on DOOL) spends a day with the actor as we get to learn more about their life and personality.

Soap Talk - 1st/2nd generation NTSC

  • Matt Ashford (Jack) - September 04
  • Kirsten Storms (ex-Belle) - October 04
  • Alison Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo (Sami + Lucas) - October 04
  • Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) - October 04 (MTV cribs style appearance)
  • Julie Pinson (Billie) - October 04
  • Heather Lindell (Jan) - October / November 04
  • Eric Winter (ex-Rex) - November 04
  • Peter Reckell (Bo), also sings - December 04
  • Eric Winter and Farah Fath (Rex + Mimi) short 'fashion show' appearance (not complete episode)- January 05
  • Kristian Alfonso and Renee Jones (Hope + Lexie) - January 05
  • Alison Sweeny and Christie Clark (Sami + ex-Carrie) - January 05
  • Arianne Zucker (Nicole)
  • Judi Evans (Bonnie)
  • Rhasaan Orange (Tek)
  • Eric Winter (ex-Rex) - 2 shows, goes on a date with a fan
  • Tanya Boyd (Celeste)
  • Frances Reid (Alice) and Ken Corday (Executive Producer)
  • Steve Blackwood (Bart)
  • Julie Pinson (Billie) - Early 2005
  • James Reynolds (Abe)
  • Bill and Susan Hayes (Doug and Julie) - Bill also sings
  • Josh Taylor (Roman)
  • Farah Fath (Mimi) - Her Mom is given a makeover
  • Martha Madison (Belle)
  • Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves (Jack and Jennifer)

Soapography - 1st/2nd generation NTSC

  • Peter Reckell (Bo) (also Kelly Monaco GH) - August 21st 04
  • Kyle Lowder (Brady) (also Finola Hughes AMC/GH) - August 21st 04
  • Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) (also Ingo Rademacher GH) - August 28th 04
  • Arianne Zuker (Nicole) (also Wally Kurth GH) - August 28th 04
  • Matt Ashford (Jack) (also Lesli Kay GH) - September 25th 04
  • James Reynolds (Abe) (also Kassie DePaiva OLTL) - September 25th 04
  • Julie Pinson (Billie) (also Lindze Letherman GH) - December 11th 04
  • Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) (also Susan Lucci AMC)
  • Deidre Hall (Marlena) (also Kristoff St John Y&R)

One Day With - 1st/2nd generation NTSC

  • Matt Ashford (Jack) - October / November 04
  • Peter Reckell (Bo) - October / November 04
  • Arianne Zucker (Nicole) - November 04
  • Bryan Datillo (Lucas) - December 04

Extreme Fan - 1st/2nd generation NTSC

  • Drake Hogestyn (John) - Two of Drake's biggest fans get to meet him.

Award Shows

  • 13th Soap Opera Awards (The Soap Opera Digest Awards from 1997) - 2nd generation SP NTSC (quite good quality)

Miscellaneous (other specials):

  • 'A New Day in Salem' - This special episode was shown in Australia where they skipped almost 4 years of episodes (from September 2000 - February 2004). The episode is co-hosted by Drake Hogestyn and features interviews with the cast as well as a look behind the scenes at Days and some recaps of what has happened in the skipped episodes (mainly introducing the Salem Stalker storyline) - 1st generation pal

  • All Days Decathlon episodes which aired during the 2004 Olympics on SOAPnet. These episodes were selected as favorites by the cast and include them introducing their choices. It also includes 'Return to Salem' - 1st generation NTSC

  • All Bo and Hope Through the years episodes - NTSC DVD

  • 4 minute promo introducing the show's characters and plots - Aired early 2000 in the UK - 1st generation pal

  • 4 minute behind the scenes look at the show - Aired early 2000 in the UK - 1st generation pal

  • Behind the scenes of the Last Blast 2001 from SOAPnet - 3rd generation NTSC (4mins)

  • Orlando NBC Fanfest (Camcorder footage) approx 3hrs 35mins - 3rd generation NTSC

  • Eric Winter (Rex) on the Sharon Osbourne show - originally recorded on pal DVD.

  • Peter Reckell (Bo) on Faking it (USA) - originally recorded on pal DVD. (1 1/2mins)