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Phloe Redux Edits

Edits of Philip and Chloe (as portrayed by Jay Johnson and Nadia Bjorlin). The edits contain all of Philip's scenes and all of Chloe's scenes, not just when they are together.

The edits were made direct to DVD in the highest quality mode (each DVD runs for one hour). They are in NTSC format so can be played worldwide. Unless otherwise specified the edits are made from direct-to-DVD SP SOAPnet recordings.

These redux edits start from Chloe's return to Salem (after Jay resumed the role of Philip) in November 2007. Classic Philip and Chloe edits (1999 - 2001) are available here.

Available Edits - Jump to:

  1. November 29th - December 12th
  2. December 14th - December 25th
  3. December 31st - January 11th 2008

  1. January 11th - January 22nd
  2. January 22nd - February 6th
  3. February 6th - February 20th

1. November 29th - December 12th 2007

Kate visits Philip in his office. Philip arranges to meet Belle at a hotel. She tells him that Hope and Marlena know they were together the night before her wedding. Belle tells Philip she loves him; she loves Shawn too. As Belle leaves the hotel room, Chloe arrives. She assumes Belle is at the hotel with Shawn and tells her Philip is one of the main reasons she came back to Salem. Philip walks out of the hotel room and greets Chloe. He heads to the police station after Kate is arrested. Philip calls Chloe and invites her to his room for a drink. Chloe tells Philip that she and Brady are divorced. He tells her Belle was only in his room to talk about Claire. At the Salem High School reunion, Cynthia hits on Philip. Chloe interrupts, telling Cynthia he's taken. They talk outside and then Chloe talks to Belle, also telling her that she split up with Brady. Chloe tells Shawn about Belle and Philip. Awards are handed out at the reunion.

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2. December 14th - December 25th 2007

Chloe and Philip have a drink together. Philip isn't happy about Chloe telling Shawn. Hope stops by and tells Philip to leave Shawn alone. Philip negotiates a deal to solve Kate's legal problems. Shawn tells Bo that Philip planted the gun for him to find. Shawn warns Chloe that Philip has changed. Philip tells Belle it would be better if Philip found out about their affair from her. On Philip and Chloe's date, he takes her to his office. Philip tells her that he is ruthless he has lost the ability to love. She kisses him but he stops and says it is a mistake. They kiss again and Chloe rips his shirt open. He asks her to leave. She considers this a challenge. Philip hires someone to investigate Chloe. At Bo and Hope's anniversary celebration at Chez Rouge, Chloe talks with Belle. Philip finds out that Brady is missing, and that Chloe is a suspect. Philip calls her and asks her back to his office. He confronts her with what he has found out. She asks for his help. Marlena calls Chloe and demands to see her straight away. Chloe tells Marlena that she doesn't know where Brady is. Philip shows up at Chez Rouge. In front of everyone Belle tells him he isn't welcome here and to leave.

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3. December 31st - January 11th 2008

Chloe calls Philip. She thinks the police are following her. Philip visits Belle at the pub. He is convinced she is still in love with him. Philip goes to the police station. There is a man there ready to arrest Chloe. Chloe tells Philip that Brady was abducted but she doesn't know anything else. Philip wants Chloe to get close to Shawn. Marlena stops by the police station to yell at Chloe some more. Philip and Chloe bring in the new year together. Philip talks to Lucas. Philip tells Shawn that Belle might be in danger. Philip takes Belle to Marlena's after some people tried to get her to go with them. Chloe talks to Shawn at the pub. Philip wants Sami to testify for Lucas. Chloe takes pictures of Claire at the pub which annoys Belle.

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4. January 11th - January 22nd 2008

Philip and Chloe talk at the jave cafe while being watched... She is angry that he helped Chloe avoid being sent back to Vienna. Shawn and Chloe spend some time together. They agree to help keep each other out of trouble. Belle and Claire are kidnapped. Philip and Shawn watch the Salem PD's rescue operation (which fails to get Claire back). Philip and Chloe go to the hospital, where Belle is in recovery after Philip rescued her from the water. On Philip's instruction, Chloe leaves to comfort Shawn. Philip stays with Belle. He watches as she finds out John is still alive.

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5. January 22nd - February 6th 2008

While Philip worries about Belle, in the hospital, Chloe and Shawn research a symbol that could lead to whoever took Claire. Philip takes Belle to see John. Shawn decides to break into a building to look for clues. Chloe insists she goes too. Chloe saves Shawn from a man in the building. They find photos of the Brady and Black families in the ceiling. Following Bo and Hope, Philip, Chloe, Shawn and Belle fly to Ireland to look for Claire. At an Irish pub they meet Colleen Brady. She returns Claire to Belle and Shawn. After saying she had tried to protect him, Colleen asks Chloe if she knows where Brady is. Philip calls Victor and tells him about Colleen. Chloe turns down a job offer. Philip asks if she'll go back to Brady once he's found.

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6. February 6th - February 20th 2008

Philip and Chloe talk downstairs while Colleen dies. On the plane back to Salem, Philip tells Chloe that Victor will be able to find Brady. He asks again what her plans will be when he returns. There is a lot of turbulence on the flight. Chloe asks Philip how many times he has been in love. He answers the same amount as her. It starts to get cold in the plane as they lose cabin pressure. John tells everyone that all the flight instruments have failed and they have no control. Philip stays with Chloe who tries not to freak out. The plane crashes. Chloe helps Philip whose prosthetic leg is trapped. Philip and Chloe spend the night together in a tent. They strip down to keep warm through body heat and end up kissing.

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