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Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried to be as informative as possible here, but if you have any questions which aren't covered below, just ask.

1. Who are you?
Hello, I'm Claire. I'm a Days of our Lives fan from England, where the show was most recently broadcast from the start of 2000 up until right in the middle of Greta's coronation in February 2001 when it was sadly taken away :( (September 2007 update - it's now back!) I wanted to continue watching, so started paying to import the new episodes. I bought a multisystem converter (see below) so that I could also copy the show for other UK fans and so we shared the cost of the new episodes. I've been trading for new episodes ever since, as well as for older episodes which I never though I would have the opportunity to see.

I decided to start 'Claire's Days Trading' in August 2004 (I can't believe the site is so old) as an easy way for other traders to see what I had available to trade and the site has slowly grown, along with my collection of DOOL tapes. I decided to re-design the site in February 2007 and then since March, I have been using this domain (I moved to get away from all the adverts on the old site). I've tried to make the site user friendly, but if you experience any problems or have any suggestions on how I can improve it, please do let me know.

2. What quality are your episodes?
This varies. I am very fussy about quality and always try to list the quality of my episodes honestly. I am able to make screencaps of any of the episodes / edits I have on DVD which will show the quality better than my descriptions. I'm working on adding more screencaps to the site, but if there aren't any for whatever you're interested in, let me know and I'll send you some.

Where the episodes are marked as first generation, this means that they were recorded directly from the TV broadcast. 2nd generation is a copy of an original 1st generation recording and 3rd is a copy of that.

Also, when transferring tapes to DVD I always use the SP (2hr mode) quality setting, or the 1hr mode for edits. This is because putting too much video footage on a DVD drastically reduces the picture quality and makes it look blocky and pixelated. A 2nd generation tape recorded to DVD in SP mode will look better than an original recording recorded in EP mode.

For video standard conversions, I use a separate multisystem converter. This is a high quality digital converter (which was expensive!). Although some DVD players / recorders are able to convert video formats, due to the way the signal is output, the resulting video quality is not as good.

3. What are NTSC and Pal?
NTSC and Pal are the main video formats throughout the world. NTSC is used in the US and Canada. Pal is used in the UK, most of Europe, Australia and South Africa.

If you live in a Pal country the video format is not much of an issue since you will almost certainly be able to play both Pal and NTSC VHS tapes and DVDs.

If you live in an NTSC country, in order to play back Pal tapes or DVDs on a TV you would need a multisystem TV and a VCR or DVD player that can output /convert pal (you would probably know if you are able to do this). However, if you are happy to watch DVDs on a computer, Pal DVDs should play without problems.

4. What type of DVDs do you record onto?
I use DVD-R which are highly compatible but may not play in some very old DVD players or older DVD+R only DVD-recorders. For edits I always record onto premium DVDs (Taiyo Yuden dye). I also use these for most other things too, and avoid budget discs which have a shorter lifespan and aren't as reliable.

5. Can I buy your DVDs? How much do they cost?
Yes, if you have nothing to trade you can pay. The cost is worked out depending on how many episodes you want, your choice of DVDs/VHS tapes, my postage costs, as well as my time and effort, costs of getting the episodes and wear and tear on the technical equipment.

6. What payment do you accept?
For UK users, cash or cheque. For anyone outside the UK, paypal is preferred. If you can't use paypal I may accept other methods if we agree on it first.

7. Which dates contain ... storyline?
Please visit the links page for various episode guides, or you can email me as I will know roughly when things happened for the episodes I have.

8. Will you make me edits of....?
Making edits of episodes is very time consuming. I would consider it (partly depending on what the edits are of), but because of the time it takes I would ask more in return - either more trading episodes or money for my time.

9. Can I trade/buy your original tapes, or will you only make copies?
Sorry but I don't want to give up my original episodes, unless you have a lot of things from my want list. However, I will make copies on DVD which are practically indistinguishable from the originals. However, I do occasionally have duplicates which I no longer need. You can see a list of these on the clearance page.

10. Do you have the episode of 'other show' with 'Days star' in it?
Sorry, but no. This site is only for trading Days episodes and related things which are not available to buy from official sources. I don't trade in anything that is commercially available (or likely to be). You can however buy most of these through the Days of our Lives Memorabilia Store