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DOOL Couple Edits

Shawn and Belle (1999-2001, 2001-2002)

Philip and Chloe (1999-2001)

Philip and Chloe - Redux (2007-2008)

Brady and Chloe (2000-2001)

Teens (1999-2001)

Eric and Greta (1999-2000)

Bo and Hope (1983-1984)

Carrie and Austin (1995-1996)

Coming one day*:
Kate and Nicholas (1999 - 2000)
Jack and Jennifer (1991)
Carrie and Mike (1998-1999)

*Sorry for the lack of updates on this page. If there's anything you're specifically interested in to do with the above edits, please ask and I'll check for you.

Time permitting, I may be able to make custom edits. If you're interested please contact me.