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I have set up this website to help give fans greater access to Days of our Lives episodes that they might have missed or never had access to depending on location.

I do not own the copyrights to anything traded and no infringement is intended. I will not trade or copy anything that is commercially available.

Copyright laws allow for copies of copyrighted material to be considered fair use of that material if making the copies does not affect the market value of the material or deprive the copyright holder of sales or royalty revenue from that material. This is the case since once an episode is broadcast, the copyright owner has already obtained revenue from advertising or cable or satellite subscription fees. Since Days of our Lives is not available on DVD, obtaining a copy of a recording from a broadcast does not deprive the owner of any sales revenue since a DVD of the program can not be purchased. It seems unlikely that Days will be made available to buy directly from the copyright owners due to the many hours of content and costs involved in reproducing this. However, should this situation change, I will immediately stop trading whatever has been made available (or is likely to be made available) to buy.

In the event that the other person has nothing to trade, all charges placed on the reproduction of any and all video footage are attached to the time, materials, and machine wear and tear, postage costs, and my costs of obtaining the episodes (since Days of our Lives is not available in my country) that it takes to send a copy to the recipient. No profit is made in the selling of videos / DVDs. All money received is used to cover the costs associated with this website such as trading expenses.

To the copyright owners: I hope that you can see the benefits of fan trading. However, if you want me to close the site down please contact me and I will respect your wishes and do so :(