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Bad Traders

It's sad that there's a need for this page but I felt it important to warn you about bad traders.

The vast majority of traders I have encountered are trustworthy and happy to help out fellow fans, however it is always a good idea to be cautious. I recommend starting with a small trade and also asking lots of questions, so you know exactly what to expect and won't be disappointed.

Name and Shame:

  • Mark Scott ( - I sent him a lot of tapes and against my better judgement agreed to send at the same time (this was back in 2001). At that time he was located in Brisbane, Australia. However, sometime around 2004/2005, he actually emailed me again to try to set up another trade!

  • Brian Bown ( and ( - I made the mistake of sending money for tapes I really wanted (silly me) but received nothing in return and my emails were ignored.

I like to consider myself a good trader. If you would like to read some feedback from people who have traded with me before, please take at look at my guestbook.